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I hope you have enjoyed this story and will be glad to have your comments xhamsterlive at fanara55 Date: Fri, 30 Jan 2004 22:21:54 -0800 (PST) From: Warren Powers Subject: Egyptian Sunset - Chapter One DISCLAIMER: Hey thanks for taking the time to read this little tidbit. This story is total fiction and if your xmaster name xhamster photos happens to be Alex Grit, I really dont care, lol. The story plotline will get more complicated and I guarantee it will be entertaining, but Im xhampster having trouble getting started. If you see anything that you think I should include, email me at supergenious2003(at)yahoo ( removed for spam xhamster mom purposes). Or you can IM me on AIM at Warren Kefa. Chapter One: Departures Beige. Beige is the word to describe my life. I was raised in an average xhamsters.com house, x.hamster with average parents, I was an average student. xhamaster Nothing in my life would be considered special or unique. 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A courtesy email to xhamster mobile let me know you plan to post to other hamster tube websites would be appreciated. Thanks!! THE SECOND STORY PART ONE BY ROBBY SR. CHAPTER ONE The ambulance passed through the gates and in one voice the hamsterx paramedic and porn xhamster two Emergency Medical Technicians said, "Wow!" Facing them was a very large, very old mansion. Older than any xhamster.com of them could comprehend. It consisted of a main two story wing with another two story wing on either side. The driveway rambled up to and circled around a perfectly detailed xhamster/ garden. The ambulance pulled up to the front entrance (it wasn't a front door - way too fancy for that - it was an "entrance"), where xhamster pictures an old man was standing at the open door dressed in a severely pressed and starched tuxedo. The old man stood still with his hands clasped together in front of him and watched the ambulance roll to a stop. "How 'bout that!" the paramedic said. 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If he makes it home she'll come xhamster japanese over, but I told her everything and she doesn't expect a call." The EMT pointed to the butler's back as xhamster japan he went gay xhamster out x hamester the door, "What do we call him?" he asked. "If I didn't know he was a butler I'd think he was some kind of royalty or something." The nurse snickered, "He's a character and a half allright, but he's a really nice guy and he's brilliant. Both of them are. But both of them always insisted on first names only. The butler's name is Ely. xhamster jepang The "master" is Greg. . ." Seventy five years earlier, Ely swooped into Greg's life when xha Greg was just eighteen years old. Some would say that Ely actually did swoop: that https //xhamster.com Ely turned himself into a bat, and with fangs bared descended on Greg, but it didn't happen that way. 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"Greg," Ely said as he glanced to his side, "We have traveled over one hundred miles so far. We have gone around many many curves. It is perfectly acceptable to look back now. There is nothing more to see there." "I know," Greg smiled at Ely, "I couldn't wait to get xhamster porn outta that place, but I xhamster spanking was thinking https //xhamster.com I might be scared, ya know? Like I wouldn't be x hamster.com able to www.xhamster do it. I feel like xhamster odir if I look back it'll be like wishing I was still there." He rubbed his temples like he had a headache. "But I damn well don't wish it!" he said softly, as if he was trying to convince himself as much as Ely. Ely reached over and squeezed Greg's thigh, "That is obvious," he said. "Many teenagers xhamster milf leave home under the worst of circumstances and are not prepared for it. They had no plans made, no money saved, no idea where they were going to go, no job ready for them. They wound up getting in xhamster pictures one kind of trouble or another. xhamster free It is always sad, but that will not be your fate - I can promise you that." Greg curled his fingers into Ely's on his thigh, "I'm not really xmaster.com worried about it, dude. Anything is better than that place." "I think," Ely said slowly, "that what you could use now, is something that is very important both xhamster porn for humans and for us. It is called 'closure.' It works wonders for the soul. And it is nothing to be ashamed xh of." Ely flicked his head behind them, gesturing toward the route they had come. "All you will be doing is saying 'goodbye,' and there is nothing wrong with xhamster indian that at xhamster sex all." Greg smiled hamsterporn sheepishly. "I xhamester guess," he said. He squeezed Ely's xhamster granny hand, xhamster photo "I'm glad xhamster pics I'm with www.xhamster you." "Ah," Ely smiled, "It feels wonderful to hear you say that." Greg leaned over and kissed Ely's cheek. "Here we are!" Ely pointed ahead. They were passing a sign that said there was food, gas porno and xha lodging to be had at the next exit. "You must be hungry. I know I am. We can have a late dinner and find a hotel for the night." "You mean you guys have to eat real food, too?" Greg asked. Ely laughed. "Yes, yes we do. I rather enjoy a fine meal. One of my hobbies is cooking; more of a passion actually, but it is so much more enjoyable when you have someone to cook for. I look forward to xhamster gay many enjoyable evenings preparing meals for you!" They pulled off the freeway. This town was xhamster geschichten considerably larger than Greg's hometown. At the end of the exit were signs hamsterxxx for a few all night restaurants and some hotels. Greg xhamster sex opened his backpack to look for his hamster x travelers checks. Ely stopped xhamster deutsch him with a snicker. "Don't worry, Greg. I have more than enough." "I wanna pay my way." 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He said it would look weird for someone as young and buff as Ely to talk like xham the king of England this late at night and confuse the poor waitress. Greg grinned throughout the entire meal as Ely commented on the restaurant, the atmosphere, the service, the food, even the design of the menu itself. If they were just me